agriculture mall

west lafayette, in

As the designated campus mall of Purdue University’s south campus, this area is filled with potential. Currently an underutilized lawn area surrounded by streets and enclosed by parking, an analysis of the site showed many opportunities for change. Through the new design, this space is turned into a functional, thriving node of the university.

the midwestern rural





function of space

Charged with converting an underutilized, dated, and pedestrian unfriendly campus mall into a node for students, faculty, residents, and visitors on Purdue University’s campus. Focused on creating a sense-of-place paying homage to agriculture, bringing unity to the segmented site, and showcasing measures of sustainability. 

an organic concept

Inspired by the anatomy of a seed. A symbol in celebration of growth, both in agriculture and of the student, with reflection on life-long learning and advancement.


developed masterplan

Design inspired by the simplicity of a corn husk, paying homage to agriculture in the site’s setting of rural Indiana. An emphasis on functionality, designed for the transit and activity of daily users.

Flex spaces.

Whether for doing homework during a break between classes or enjoying lunch outside, movable tables and chairs allow the users to situation themselves in their ideal way. Allowing for groups to gather and individuals some privacy, all are able to feel included in campus life.

Ready for relaxation and activity.

Removing the parking and arterials that cut through the site, the lawn and paths are expanded to create a safe and welcoming space for pedestrians. The central lawn is open and unimpeded, providing a setting for a plethora of activities. Utilize the flat open space for sports games or take a moment to read under the shade of a  large maple and everyone is set.

A stage for everyday activity. 

Adjacent to Pao Hall of Visual and Performing Arts, large pergolas frame sculptures and provide shade in a space designed to inspire. The plaza and lawn work together to create the perfect outdoor performance and event space.

A natural immersion.

In a bustling campus, the west portion of the mall acts as an oasis for busy students, filled to the brim with grasses and trees for a therapeutic experience with nature.

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